Monday, July 2, 2012

REALLY???? Famous Dave's, REALLY????

Well, my family and I just got back from a lovely vacation visiting family in North Carolina and taking my daughter to the beach for the first time. Now, I'll get back to regular posting. 

First, I'd like to bring awareness an issue that has been bugging me. On New Year's Eve, my family met some friends for lunch at Famous Dave's BBQ. I was very excited to find musical activities on the kid's menu, but then very disappointed to find they were horribly inaccurate. Take a look at one activity using the letter names of the lines and spaces.

First off, there are only 4 lines instead of 5. Secondly, the pitches are going in descending order instead of ascending order. Thirdly, the letters of the spaces (FACE) appear on lines and the letters of the lines (EGBDF) appear in the spaces. 

I find it very sad that no one on the staff noticed this mistake or even bothered to find out the correct information. This is not advanced music theory. I teach the lines and spaces starting in 2nd grade. Anyone can find the correct information by searching Google or Wikipedia. I would hate for any of my students to view the menu and become more confused. 

Their food was delicious, but I will not be returning again until they correct their kid's menus. If you have a Famous Dave's BBQ in your area, I ask that you do the same. I have brought this to the attention of the Famous Dave's customer service. I will keep you updated if I get any responses.

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