Saturday, January 12, 2013

Free Online Music Games For Kids

I have revamped my classroom website and a view links may have been lost. I am reposting my collection my music websites just in case any of you have difficulty following the original links. The original post is found  here. 

This site has free printable sheet music for many instruments. This site has info on music, dance, and drama. This site by the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra features a few games and coloring pages that teach about music, musicians, and the orchestra! This site features games and information about classical music and instruments!
Dallas Symphony Orchestra Kids eMusicTheory. Music Games from Music Tech Teacher. LOTS of music games and worksheets!
Morton Subotnick's. Games to create your own music! Online music theory flash cards New York Philharmonic Kidzone. Many games about instruments, musicians, composers, and more! Mechanical Metronome from
Sing along with your favorite PBS kids characters! Games on note reading and piano keys Phil Tulga. Integrating music with science, math, and language arts. Lots of games and recipes for homemade instruments. Piano Platypus. Game quizzing piano keys. Lots of fun games! Music and Art activities from your favorite muppets! San Francisco Symphony Kids. Create your own music in the music lab! Note Reading Game from Learn about the string instruments. Squeaky's Recorder Playhouse. Learn to play the recorder! Theta Music Trainer. Challenge your ears with these games! Tuscon Symphony Orchestra Kids. Music and art! Homemade instrument recipes!


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