Monday, July 30, 2012

Ice Cream Bulletin Board

This is the my new bulletin board in the hallway directly outside my room.

I have seen this bulletin board on Pinterest a few times. I first noticed it posted from Mrs. King's Music Room. The use of the National Standards really caught my attention.

I quickly researched and found that the Ice Cream Scoops are available for free download at this link:

I printed my ice cream scoops on cardstock and laminated them so they would withstand years of use. I used music note material as the background. I used fluffy quilt batting for the whipped cream. I used a silver Sharpie marker to write on the black bowl.

If you do not have a colored printer, you could also print the words in black onto colored paper. Here is an example found on the webpage: 

I like the use of iridescent cellophane as the whipped cream in this picture. 

This was the easiest and cutest bulletin board I have ever made. It may stay up in the hallway for open house and through the first parent-teacher conferences and then I may move it into my room permanently. 


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