About Me

I am an elementary music teacher with a bachelors and masters in music education from the University of Louisville. My primary instrument is trumpet and I originally planned on becoming a band director. I discovered my passion for elementary music while in the methods course of Dr. Robert Amchin.  This is my 9th year teaching elementary music. I have received all 3 levels of Orff-Schulwerk training and an advanced course on Curriculum Development. Over the span of 4 years, I attended the Orff courses during the summer at the University of Kentucky under Brian Crisp, Cindy Hall, Brian Burnett, and Jay Broeker. 

 I often include dance and movement into my music lessons. For the past 3 years, I have also taught visual arts in addition to music.  I have a Choir and Orff Ensemble which perform at least 5 concerts throughout the year. I am also the head coach for our academic team. I am very passionate about technology and will often blog about new websites or apps I have discovered or new flipcharts I have created for the interactive white board,

This blog is intended for fellow music educators. I do not claim to be an expert, but I love to share ideas with others and, in return, learn new things from them as well. Through Pinterest I have found links to many blogs sharing ideas for lesson plans, classroom organizations, performances, props, homemade instruments, etc. I hope this blog can add to the amount of resources we have available for the elementary music classroom so we all may continue to perfect our craft of teaching elementary music.


  1. I have been a HUGE fan of your blog for a long time now! But for some reason, I never check out your about me section! I went to U of L and had Dr. Amchin! I also have received my levels one and two at UK with Cindy and Jay! Too busy with summer classes and conferences to go this year :( I was so excited to see that you have been influenced by the same people as me! How cool?! You do great work!
    Sew Much Music

  2. Thank you for your kind words. I have added your blog button to my page now. Thanks for sharing!

  3. I just had to say what an inspiring selection of resources you have shared in every section so liberally in this blog and that, teaching elementary music in TN now for 6 years, I've still got so much to improve! Thank you for some great ideas and some awesome things to aspire to. Brava!

  4. Would you be willing to share your curriculum map and lesson play templates? Thanks!