Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Meryl Streep, Advocate For the Arts

On August 17th, 2012, CBS aired a benefit concert called "Teachers Rock." A variety of singers and groups performed and several celebrities were interviewed sharing stories of their favorite teachers. It was a very lovely concert supporting teachers and education with several student musicians performing along with the celebrities.

If you missed the concert, you need to check out Meryl Streep's video. In the interview, she explains that her favorite teacher in school was her music teacher. She also brings up the fact that kids who are involved in the arts and other extra curricular activities actually look forward to coming to school and likely have higher attendance rates. In the era of extreme budget cuts, I hope my administrators and district board members share her view.

P.S. I am adding this video to my classroom webpage hoping some parents will view the video as well. 

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