Tuesday, July 28, 2015

Three Things I've Learned This Summer

I'm joining Aileen Miracle in a linky party sharing three things we've learned this summer. I've been on maternity leave since spring break, so I haven't really been in work-mode. So, I'm going to share three things that my 2 year old, Landon, has taught me this summer. He is my "Sour Patch Kid". He is super sweet, but also super sour!

#1) My House Is A Canvas

Landon loves to find pens or markers and leave his artwork on any surface he can find, including--the couch, the walls, the curtains, his bed sheet, his books, and his BABY BROTHER! For this lovely piece, Landon's medium of choice was a Sharpie!

 #2) My Laptop Is a Step Stool

I use my laptop on a lap desk and often sit it in the floor by the couch when I need to get up for something. Landon loves to stand on it even though I repeatedly ask him to stop. Just a couple days ago, I opened my laptop and discovered this. :(

#3) My Son Is A Beaver!

He chews on EVERYTHING! There are missing chunks on our storage ottoman and tv table. He also loves to bite chunks out of foam balls.

Are all boys like this??? I never had any brothers, so I have no clue. I hope this destruction phase passes soon. At least he has a cute face!

Coda! As a bonus, I'll add one more thing I learned from my daughter: 
(Disclaimer: The bingo chip's incredible journey ended in the trash can! This photo features a clean chip from the box.)
What did YOU learn this summer???


  1. Love this! I am having a baby boy in December- I will have to be sure to stop keeping my laptop on the floor ;)

  2. Oh my goodness, those are some good lessons from your children! LOL! Thanks for linking up! :)

  3. My son never went through that stage, but it sounds like he might have some sensory integration disorder going on...you might have him tested, just ask your pediatrician. My son had sensory issues and he went through OT and it helped a TON!