Friday, June 3, 2016

Happy Summer!

Yesterday was our closing day! I enjoyed my first evening practicing my ukulele in the backyard, listening to the birds chirp, and watching my children swing. To all my teacher friends, I hope you have a wonderful summer!!!

Please, no judgement on my uke skills. I just started learning in January and at the end of March I had wrist surgery after falling down the stairs. On a side note, the ukulele seems to be great physical therapy to improve my wrist flexibility!


  1. Yay! I'm hoping to get some ukes for my kids next year, so it's probably time for me to pick one up and start practicing myself :) I've got 7 more school days left, so I'm not far behind you! Happy summer! #fermatafridays

  2. My student teacher got me playing. I had a soprano in my storage closet and had never even attempted to play it. They are now learning ukulele in methods class so she showed me a few chords. I was hooked and bought my own concert size just a few weeks later. I definitely need to write a grant for a class set.