Wednesday, April 8, 2020

Nontraditional Instruction: Family Music Interview

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, schools nationwide are forced to close and implement instruction from home. My district is calling this NTI (Nontraditional Instruction). The lessons I create must be accessible for all students, even those without access to technology. We are creating packets each week that get dropped off and collected by the bus drivers. I will be sharing all my lesson ideas for free for those of you who are in this same desperate situation.

This NTI lesson is titled "Family Music Interview". I wanted the students to connect with an older relative and compare/contrast their school music experiences. Students have the option to respond on a Google Form or with paper and pencil. Below are screenshots of the paper that was sent home.

I have this available for you as an editable download. Click the link below. It will open as a Google Slide. Make sure you edit the portion for digital submission. You could share a url link to the platform of your choice. You could include your email, but your inbox may fill up very quickly. If you choose, you can delete the digital portion all together. If you are curious about using Google Form for submission, I will be sharing a tutorial very soon. Check back by the end of the week.

Click to Download an Editable Copy

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