Friday, October 2, 2015

Recorder String Epiphany!!!

For over 10 years, I have used embroidery floss for my recorder reward system. I cut strings 13 centimeters long to allow enough length to tie around the bottom of a recorder.

Yesterday, I forgot to prepare and cut the strings!!! So, with only 5 minutes until the fourth grade class time, I had an epiphany! The embroidery floss already comes packaged and folded in loops approximately 16 centimeters long. I made 2 quick cuts through the ends of the loops and then instantly had 50 recorder strings ready for the fourth grade playing tests!

By cutting them at this length instead of the 13 cm., I am losing approximately 16 strings per package of embroidery thread. But, it is definitely worth it! At first, I was so excited I had discovered something that would save me time!!! Then, I was mad at myself for not having this epiphany TEN YEARS AGO!!!  Learn from my mistake and save yourself some time when you cut your recorder strings! 
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  1. Hahaha, these moments are the ones we live for, aren't they?!? And they make you want to smack your forehead for doing something the cumbersome way for so long... I can totally relate. I use loom bands now instead of strings and it has made my recorder karate belts a lot easier and cheaper to manage, but I remember the days of cutting string and it was a pain! Thanks for sharing your epiphany with the world- I'm sure you will save the lives of more than a few poor music teachers who are still cutting tiny pieces of string for hours on end... ;) #fermatafridays

    1. Same with me Elizabeth. Used the strings for years but love my rubber bands now. I don't have to tie another knot :)


  2. Just today I was trying to figure out a better, more efficient way to deal with the plastic show box of string. Great idea!! Of course, this being Monday, I knocked the box off the shelf and all the string went flying... Just when I was working on melodic direction with fourth grade... Perfect timing, I guess, to discuss descending patterns!!,