Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Glockenspiel Storage

I use baskets to store my glockenspiels and the basket becomes a table to raise the instruments to a more comfortable playing position. At first, it was difficult to find a cheap basket that would be flat when flipped upside down. I found these baskets at the Dollar General for about $2 each and have used them for over 7 years.

I recently acquired some extra glockenspiels from another school, so I needed to purchase some new baskets. I could not find baskets identical to the these, so I needed to replace the entire set.  I found these baskets at the Dollar Tree for only $1 each! I also took this opportunity to color code my altos and sopranos.

They are not as deep as my original red baskets, but they are wider and will provide more surface area when flipped upside down. 

I used to store my accidental bars in Ziploc bags in the baskets. But, they would often need replacing because they would get ripped easily. I recently found these plastic snap cases on clearance at Walgreens. The index card cases were only 67 cents each and are the perfect size for the soprano glockenspiel bars. The pencil cases were only 32 cents each and are the perfect size for the alto glockenspiel bars.

I love my new baskets and storage cases. Now, I'm on a hunt for the perfect shelf to store all these glockenspiels. My glocks runneth over!


  1. Love this! My bars are in separate baskets and always get knocked over. Gonna remember this for next year!