Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Classroom Tour 2016

I have finally finished all my projects for my room (at least until another idea grabs my attention)! My last classroom tour was four years ago in 2012! If you missed this post, follow this link. I have included a few of the pics below. Lots of things have changed to improve function and aesthetics.

2012 Flashback

 2016 Update

This is the view from the doorway. Last year, I got a new carpet! I chose a solid because I wanted the biggest size possible. I chose purple because it is one of our school colors.

Two years ago, our PTO raised funds for 12 Wenger Flip Forms to serve as a portable stage. (Our stage got demolished during a remodel in order to make a larger lunchroom and kitchen.) I never thought I would want risers in my room, but I love how easy these are to move. At first, I stored the risers down the hall in an extra classroom that houses extra desks and furniture. I had some students roll them down to my room for the 2 days of choir rehearsal. I got tired of moving them and decided to reconfigure my room to make a permanent space for them. I had to move my keyboard and desk area. The Flip Forms are so convenient and portable. If I want my open space again, I can move them very quickly to the side of the room.

My floor staff is on the floor with gym tape. When I first decided to keep the risers in my room, they covered 2 lines of my floor staff. I moved the carpet a little closer to the board this year in order to squeeze it in that open space. Click here to learn more about how I use my floor staff.

My desk is now parallel to my computer workstation instead of perpendicular. I love this set-up now! I'm able to spin my chair instead of rolling back and forth in order to switch between work surfaces. I have also tried to improve the aesthetics of my workspace. Check out my previous posts on my painted canvas,  sheet music pinwheels and sheet music lamp.

My keyboard is in now front of my desk. A cord is hidden along the wall to connect the sound to my ceiling speakers. Two large file cabinets are behind my keyboard, but it is easy to move the rolling chair to access those drawers when needed.  Those cabinets contain sheet music and such that isn't accessed on a daily basis.

My Orff set up is very similar, but it has expanded. A local middle school offered to loan me some instruments that weren't being used. The teacher used them to teach general music classes, but she was only teaching ensembles in recent years. She hated to see them collect dust, so we are definitely showing them some love!

I made new color coded labels for my Orff instruments. I also made this poster to show the relative pitch of each instrument. I also integrated color theory. The warm colors have wooden bars and the cool colors have metal bars!

While creating the instrument labels, I also made some posters to help remind students of proper technique and procedures while at the instruments. The labels and rules posters are available for download on my TpT store. Follow this link!

The glockenspiels got new baskets last year, but now they have new labels and an extra shelf. Three of these glocks are borrowed from the middle school. All last year, their baskets set on the top of the shelf and I always hated how cluttered it looked. I stole the shelf divider from another bookcase to make 3 shelves for my glocks. Click this link to see how my glock storage has evolved over the years.

Last year, I created a new space on my white board for my student learning objectives. I divided the spaces using purple glitter washi tape. It is very easy to wipe off and write new objectives. The tape hasn't peeled. I write my objectives using "I can..." statements.

I haven't really done much to update this corner. I use my magnetic hand signs on a daily basis. They are available as a free download on my TpT store. I also use my Orff visual on a daily basis. It is getting in rough shape. It may not last the entire school year. I need to start working on a replacement soon. Click here to learn more about how I made mine.

I have reconfigured my cabinet storage and made new labels for the instruments. I will save the inside of the cabinets for another post in the future! I love how these labels help with clean up time. Even kindergartners can find the picture of their instrument and place it back in its home! If you are curious and want a peak inside, you can view this post from 2012.

This is the last corner of my room behind my door. It may become my favorite teaching space. I have acquired more Boomwhackers and needed more storage. This short bookcase is missing its shelf. I stole it for the glockenspiel shelf. The baskets on the wall behind the door are really grocery bag holders from IKEA and cost only $2 each! You can read more about my Boomwhacker storage at this link.

My ukulele and guitar are now wall mounted for quick and easy access. I'm on the lookout for a funky stool I can paint and reupholster. I'm calling this my jam session corner. When I moved my desk area around, I had this one lonely cabinet that would not fit. So, I stuck it beside the wall cabinets and placed a lamp and my scented wax warmer on top. It is so cozy now. Plus, the scents are closer to the door and more noticeable when the students walk in. I am currently using a Scentsy bar called "Skinny Dippin'" because I'm not ready to give up summer quite yet!

So, was it worth the wait? If there is anything you saw in a picture that I did not address, I'd be glad to answer questions and take more pictures. Feel free to leave some comments below!

Just for fun, here is a 360 photo of my classroom. Click the picture for the Facebook link. Click and drag or tilt your phone to explore my room! Don't forget to follow my Facebook blog page while you're there!

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