Friday, August 5, 2016

Sheet Music Lampshade

I haven't posted anything new recently because we have been trying to sell our house. I've been decluttering, organizing, and redecorating all summer. This week, I tackled my classroom to improve organization, function, and aesthetics. I have a few final touches before I unveil a tour of my new classroom, but this is a sneak peak of one new addition. I am in love with my new sheet music lampshade!

Last fall, while visiting another school, I noticed a lamp in the library which had book pages on the lampshade. I instantly knew I wanted to recreate the lamp with sheet music. Of course, I never had time to complete the project until now.

This project is very easy, but does take a little patience. Here are the supplies you would need:

Supplies Needed:

1) Lamp

I found this lamp at Big Lots for $15, but you can probably repurpose any lamp that you already have. It would be easiest to complete the project with a smooth, white shade which is shaped like a boxy, like above, or a cylinder. If you choose a shade that is more conical, you will need to plan how you will overlap your sheet music or cut to create a triangle shape. Please note, if you over lap many layers, less light will shine through.

2) Sheet Music

Any music will do, but I chose pieces significant to my musical identity.

3) Glue

I used Elmer's Glue All, but you can try any type of craft glue that you have available.

4) Mod Podge

I used Mod Podge in a matte finish. It didn't take much. I picked up a small 2 oz. bottle for $1 in the Target dollar section at the front of the store.

5) Brush

I used a sponge brush to apply the glue and the Mod Podge., but you could also use a regular paint brush. It may be easier to use a brush atleast an inch and a half wide.

6) Scissors and/or Paper Cutter

I used a large paper cutter to ensure a perfectly straight edge, but you may also use scissors.


Before I began my project, I searched many tutorial and videos, but found this video by Rachel Burke from Patturn Studio most helpful.

1) Cut music to the size needed.

2) Spread glue on the back of the sheet music.

3) Smooth the music on to the shade.

4) Repeat step 2 and 3 until the shade is covered.

5) Trim the excess paper leaving about an inch or so above and below the shade.

6) Spread glue on the inside rim of the shade.

7) Curl the excess paper inside the shade and tuck it around the rim.

8) Allow glue to dry.

9) Use a sponge brush, add a layer of Mod Podge.

10) Allow time to dry fully.

Pay close attention in the video how she trims the top and bottom and curls them around the rim of the shade. This is the most tedious part. You will have to add glue a few times until the paper keeps its form and stops popping out.

Here is one last sneak peak of my new classroom. Stay tuned for the upcoming post with a full tour. I have completely rearranged my desk area. I have reorganized my instrument storage and added lots of new labels. I have done LOTS of laminating and cutting! I have a new carpet since my last classroom tour. I also have more Orff instruments and now keep choir risers in my room for daily use. Are you curious yet? Don't forget to check back for the full tour!

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