Sunday, September 6, 2015

Music Education Blog Carnival: September 2015

I am happy to host the September 2015 edition of the Music Education Blog Carnival! Here you can find a collection of posts from the previous month. I hope you find some inspiration to as you begin the new school year!

Aileen. Miracle has shared a video touring her classroom. She also created video tutorials to assist in lesson planning and creating song lists and song indexes. Be sure to follow her channel! I'm sure she'll be posting more great videos in the future.

 Elizabeth Caldwell shares some insight on her methods for scheduling long-range goals and objectives.

Mallory Martin shares her Meter Wall which challenges students to be active listeners. When they discover the meter of a song, they add it to the appropriate column on the bulletin board.

Rachel Tanenblatt takes us on a tour of her cart filled with all the essentials for the traveling teacher. She also taught me something new! I can't wait to create my own ThingLink.

Jennifer Hibbard shares her methods for keeping entering, exiting, and other transitional procedures safe and orderly.

Jennifer Foxx gives us an introduction to Periscope and suggests ways it can be applied to music education.

Tracy King shares advice for any new teachers out there. This is a MUST READ! I agree with every single word.

David Row posts some great advice on setting professional goals and how to keep yourself focused to achieve those goals.

Melissa Stouffer shares a kindergarten lesson. I love how she scripts all her transitions and includes them in her plans.

from Elementary Etudes
Christine Skog shares a fun game song to help older students use their head voice. Everyone loves a game with props!

Debbie O'Shea shares 20 different activities that could be applied to a single song.

I share a fun craft using old sheet music that can help you decorate your classroom or studio.

Thanks for reading! I hope you learned something useful to help your year go more smoothly! If you would like to read past editions of the Music Education Blog Carnival, or if you would like to be a future  host, visit this link

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