Saturday, May 12, 2012


If you have not joined the Pinterest bandwagon, you need to jump on board! I have only been using Pinterest for a few months but have already found many ideas for the music and art classroom. I will likely be sharing many of those ideas in future posts. 

For now, feel free to become a follower of my music or art boards. Of course, many of my fellow teacher friends are on pinterest, but I find many of my ideas for the classroom from strangers in the profession. I searched for boards with various search phrases "elementary music," "music classroom," "orff," "music education," "music teacher," and anything I could think of. (likewise for art) When I found one I thought would be helpful, I would start following their classroom board only. (Since they are a stranger, I don't care about their favorite recipes, hair styles, etc.) Now, anytime they pin something onto their classroom board it appears on the main screen for browsing. It If you have your own boards devoted to the classroom I would love to follow them too!

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